IBM Connections Engagement Center

Custom Widgets Lab

IBM provides a number of widgets that can surface Connections content in a very structured format. But what about non-Connections content? In this lab, you will learn the best practices for building and managing your own widgets to surface external content or applications alongside Connections content. We'll describe the steps and show you running code. You'll leave with a firm grasp of the basics of building widgets for ICEC and be ready to start creating your own.

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What is ICEC?

IBM® Connections™ Engagement Center is a digital workplace that provides everything employees need within the context of their jobs to be more engaged, collaborative and productive. All the content and applications they need: mail, apps, news, files and social tools are at their fingertips through one interface, customized to their role and preferences. IBM Connections Engagement Center extends inside, outside and across organizational boundaries to help improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and retention. It can increase engagement for all stakeholders: knowledge workers, managers, customers, partners and more.

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