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IBM Connections Engagement Center - Custom Widgets Lab

2018-02-25 dimitri prospericec-custom-widgets

IBM Connections Engagement Center makes it easy to build a social intranet by creating a lightweight portal-like experience using various out-of-the-box and custom widgets. Engagement Center does not have its own content store, but aggregates content from different backend systems. Mostly, IBM Connections is the back-end system, and provides the underlying foundation for a set of key Engagement Center services, such as user authentication and authorization, personalization, top-level navigation, and news.


I created a lab on building widgets for ICEC that was delivered during the IBM Think 2018 conference. This lab assumes some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you should be able to follow along even if you haven’t used them before. During the conference we offered a dedicated Connections Cloud instance to each lab participant, but if you are interested in walking through this lab you can use a on premises instance or your own development Connections Cloud instance.

Take the lab

Happy coding and if you have any questions, log an issue on the repository page.